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Dr. Durocher has over 30 years experience in small animal surgery putting the focus on your pet's comfort and safety.  We understand that surgery can be a very stressful time for you and your pet. Our doctors and staff will answer any questions you may have in an effort to put your mind at ease before surgery. We also offer pre-anesthetic testing, pain relief medication and laser therapy when appropriate to make our procedures as safe and pain-free as possible. We monitor your pet's condition during and after surgery by tracking blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, body temperature and oxygen levels. Our skilled surgical team is experienced in many of the most commonly performed procedures; we perform spays and neuters, tumor removals, abdominal surgeries, some orthopedic surgeries as well as a number of other procedures. All surgeries are performed using up to date anesthetic protocols and careful patient monitoring. After surgery, patients are monitored by our staff until they have recovered from anesthesia and the patients' owners are called as soon as possible to inform them of their pet's progress. We strive to make our patients and their families experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  Aftercare instructions are provided in writing and reviewed upon your pet’s discharge. Our commitment is to our patient in providing a safe procedure and speedy recovery.

Thibodaux Veterinary Surgery


Durocher Veterinary Clinic * 703 Jackson St * Thibodaux, LA 70301 * 447-8261