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A personalized vaccine schedule

Here at the Durocher Veterinary we know that your pet is unique. Your pet's age, breed, general health and exposure level to disease are just some of the many factors we consider when planning your best friend's vaccination and exam schedule. Heartworm, flea and parasite control are also considered based on their individual situation.

Not all Vaccines are Created Equally!

Do you know what type of vaccine is being used on your pet? Here at Durocher Veterinary Clinic we offer the very best and safest products for vaccinating your pets.  Merial's PureVax® vaccines are the only vaccines currently available that have not been implicated in causing vaccine-induced fibrosarcomasin cats.  Research and history have taught us that using certain vaccines can stimulate the formation of a very aggressive type of cancer in cats called fibrosarcomas.

Killed virus does not stimulate the immune system as well as live virus but there are exceptions to this rule. To facilitate immune stimulation with a killed virus, a substance called an adjuvant is often used.  This material holds the vaccine in the area of the injection for a couple of weeks so it can be released slowly allowing prolonged immune stimulation. One theory is that the prolonged stimulation causes inflammation which in turn causes the fibrosarcoma. The PureVax® vaccines do not contain adjuvant.

Rest assured, our top priority is your pet's safety and health. The quality and safety of the vaccines we choose for your pets are our primary consideration and the reason that sometimes our vaccinations may cost a little more than the vaccinations of others in our community. We know that your pet is worth it!


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